RC Escape Rooms: The Sapphire Project

A great new experience allowing you to try your hand at hacking a computer to save the planet.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The game started with a video letting me know that I’d been selected as one of the world’s most brightest and gifted individuals (why thank you), then immediately dropped the bombshell that an enemy from another world has come to destroy the human race. I had 60 minutes to unlock the satellites to gain access to the shield to defend the planet and save humanity.

I must admit when the interface was revealed I had a moment of panic. I wasn’t in a room! My comfort zone was out the window and I was looking at a computer screen with no idea where to begin.

After a few clicks and reminding myself I’m a puzzle solving prodigy, I began working my way through the satellites and ended up really enjoying my new environment. I felt like a real life hacker in a race against time and it was genuinely quite nerve racking!

Now, one thing I struggled with was the use of Google to find answers. Me being me, I couldn’t just find the answer and move on. I had to read the other 14 fun facts about alien movies and it did slow me down slightly. But now I know that E.T is partly modelled on a Pug and Albert Einstein so who’s the real winner here?

I loved the puzzles, and got caught in a few rabbit holes where I had to use a clue, but I wanted to make sure I got to see the whole game, as if you don’t finish within 60 minutes that’s it! Times up. The clues were great, and there was the option to see the solution if you wanted it.

The ending was good fun, and although it maybe took away from the feeling of being a hacker it felt quite nostalgic for me and was an exciting way to feel like I’d actually just saved the world.

The style The Sapphire Project of was a nice breath of fresh air for me, and I’m looking forward to trying out The Curse of Amberly Manor at some point in the future.

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Rebecca writes about Board Games and Escape Rooms covering Scotland

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