E-Scape Rooms: The Alp

An unsettling horror themed game with brilliant puzzles and an excellent eerie narrative I absolutely love the horror genre, and with that comes the excitement of horror escape rooms. The unsettling feeling of fear combined with time sensitive puzzle solving gives me such an adrenaline rush, so I was eager to play E-Scape Room Games’Continue reading “E-Scape Rooms: The Alp”

Headlock Escape Rooms: The Mystic Ruins

A beautiful, immersive room with a wonderful host and perfect for teams of any ability. Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane to Lockdown #1. While I was in my pyjamas binge watching Criminal Minds and eating banana bread every day, the husband and wife team over at Headlock managed to build an entireContinue reading “Headlock Escape Rooms: The Mystic Ruins”

Fast Familiar: Bad Altitude

The perfect blend of storytelling and puzzles for an entertaining hour of hilarity From the creators of the hit adventure National Elf Service, Bad Altitude is a Part interactive audio story, part puzzle game located 40,000 feet in the air. It’s our first flight with AI Air, and we’ve been paired with the brilliant RhysContinue reading “Fast Familiar: Bad Altitude”

Top Escape Rooms: The Dentist

Brace yourselves, this is the one and only time I’m going to say this. I loved the dentist. Top Escape Rooms are currently closed, so they’ve brought their popular game, The Dentist, to the comfort of our own homes. This is the first time I’ve tried a point and click offering based in the actualContinue reading “Top Escape Rooms: The Dentist”

Mystery City Games : A Death in the Red Light

A beautifully designed game of deduction wrapped in interesting, historically factual storytelling The game begins and I open the police file to find it’s my first day back at work after being suspended for drinking on the job (what am I like?!). I decide to settle back in by listening to the sounds of aContinue reading “Mystery City Games : A Death in the Red Light”

Eleven Puzzles: Unboxing the mind of a Cryptic Killer

My favourite co-operative game so far, I really hope there’s more to come. After settling down with some snacks like the instructions advised, I’m sitting in my cosy Edinburgh flat with my Zoom friends ready to start our next escape room.Little did we know this one would take place so close to home… We openContinue reading “Eleven Puzzles: Unboxing the mind of a Cryptic Killer”

LockedInHome: Relive The Moments

A Harry Potter based game which would be better served as a full print at home experience I wanted to play a game which hadn’t had any reviews that I could see yet, so I opted for Relive the Moments as I was intrigued by the Harry Potter based storyline. The game is based aroundContinue reading “LockedInHome: Relive The Moments”