Emergency Exit Escape Rooms: Virtual Exorcist

My first experience of an online escape room, and the bar has been set incredibly high.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My friend Stephen and I had watched the horror movie Host before embarking on this escape room, and we were absolutely terrified when we joined the call. If you haven’t seen it, it’s filmed entirely on Zoom and revolves around a group of friends inviting a demonic presence into their lives through an online séance, so our next logical step was of course to book Exorcist.

We arrived 15 minutes before the game time to make sure we were all set, and to share some pre-game jitters as the clock counted down the seconds until we met our paranormal tour guide, “John.”

Now, I want to keep this spoiler free to keep the magic alive, but what followed was an impressive, seamless narrative using a mix of live and pre-recorded footage. John was brilliant in character, and made sure to deliver any cheek back as we had our fun. Our cameraman, Liam was made an integral part of the story and we ended up going through a bit of an emotional roller-coaster with him despite the fact we only ever saw his hand.

We were genuinely scared at points, which was down to the amazing job the team have done in creating the perfect atmosphere. We were told in advance to play in the dark if we could, and the high quality videos and improvisation from John just hit the fear factor nail right on the head, all ready for Stephen to shout “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”

The room itself was impressive, and the puzzles were easy enough to not be stuck for an awkward amount of time, but tricky enough that we felt challenged.

As soon as we were out the virtual door, the doodle poll to organise a date for us to play the follow up game, The Beast, was created and I can’t wait to experience another game from this company.

When we booked the game I had no intention of reviewing it, but I enjoyed it so much that it gave me the motivation I needed to start sharing my experiences. So thanks to Emergency Exit, this is my first post in what I hope to be an exciting new blog!

Published by Rebecca

Rebecca writes about Board Games and Escape Rooms covering Scotland

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