The Escape Game: The Heist

A visually stunning online escape room with stand out puzzles for all abilities.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I’m lucky enough to work with fellow Escape Room enthusiasts, so when we had to decide what to do for our Christmas Party it was a stress-free decision. Me being me, I made a juicy spreadsheet comparing games, prices, time zones etc. and we all agreed that The Heist was a room we wanted to experience.

We arrived at the Zoom call in good sprits (considering the majority of us had just been told we were being locked down over Christmas) and we were met right on time by our Game Master, Anna. Our dramatic gasps of glee and excitement filled the call as they introduced us to our portal, which included an impressive inventory and a 360° view of each space we entered. I’d have muted us.

Forgetting the time zone difference, I happily gulped my prosecco while the American team were probably still waking up, and the game began.

Our avatar gave us a quick tour of our surroundings which was really helpful, and we solved the first puzzle within minutes. Sneaking puzzles into the artwork was a brilliant way start to the game and we were so on board with the narrative.

We actually joked at this point that we were solving the room too fast, but once we reached the office we realised we had nothing to worry about. Our inventory soon overflowed with objects we’d found, and we had a platter of puzzles needing to be solved. The variety of puzzles appealed to a wide range of tastes and abilities, and every member of the team had their moment of elation when their contribution opened a padlock.

There’s only one aspect of the game which I think could be improved, which was that it was obvious to us throughout the game that our avatar had played the room a lot. At one point, we gave a wrong combination and they inputted the correct code and solved the puzzle (which might explain why we escaped so quickly!) We have to remember though that remote gaming is often a completely new way of working, and staff have had to quickly adapt to this new way of hosting an escape room. It didn’t take away from our enjoyment of the game at all, and is a tiny criticism compared to the array of positive experiences that this room gave us.

Our mission was to find a way into the office, recover the stolen painting and get out unnoticed, which we managed in just under 43 minutes. All in all, this was a first-class online experience which we all thoroughly enjoyed, and I would recommend trying The Escape Game without hesitation.

Oh, and there’s lasers.

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Rebecca writes about Board Games and Escape Rooms covering Scotland

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