Bewilder Box and Eltham Escape: B.R.U.C.E. Saves Christmas

It’s never too late to save Christmas in this fully synchronised point and click adventure!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Christmas is over and Nicola Sturgeon has just announced another national lockdown starting from midnight. Now is the perfect time for me to get into my pyjamas, call my good friend Stephen and discover the identity of the Turkey Faced culprit who kidnapped Santa.

This was my first experience of a co-operative point and click adventure, but I absolutely love games like The Room and The Nonary Games, so I was excited to have the chance to join forces and solve puzzles as a team.

Cozied up in our respective Edinburgh flats, we logged into the same game and were presented with our very own puzzle solving cursor. We were able to go our separate ways to investigate the rooms, and any items we picked up appeared in the shared inventory. The aim at the end of each room was to have enough evidence to eliminate the names of potential suspects in a Guess Who style deduction.

The puzzles were all delightfully festive and showcased a wide range of themes. We had jingle bell sounds to create, antlers to examine and baubles to sort – all very satisfying to solve.

A standout part of this game for me was how much it encouraged teamwork. For several of the puzzles, we were required to be in different parts of the room and clearly communicate with each other about what we could see to solve it. It meant we both got a chance to see most of the puzzles, and feel equally involved in the success of reaching the end goal.

As we progressed though the different rooms, we unlocked some brilliant video content which kept the narrative flowing, and reminded us of the importance of saving Christmas. The final video brought with it a heartwarming message ready for you to make your final decision – will you chose naughty or nice?

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and it was a great way to spend an hour hanging out with a pal whilst cramming in some late Christmas magic.

Published by Rebecca

Rebecca writes about Board Games and Escape Rooms covering Scotland

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