Agent Venture: Mission One – The Heist

The ultimate test of teamwork and problem solving, with some excellent accents thrown in.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I’ve been hearing brilliant things about Agent Venture, and I must admit I was starting to experience the dreaded FOMO when I saw just how many people were enjoying this adventure. Luckily, my merry band of work colleagues came to the rescue and we booked to play for the extremely reasonable price of £10 a head.

In the run up to our game, we were sent an email with a fun little quiz designed to help us decide on the role we would play throughout the mission. I can’t express just how terrible my map reading skills are, so I was relieved to be assigned the hacker, an essential requirement of which was to not be horrified by numbers. I let out an excited “I LOVE NUMBERS” celebration and discussed the remaining roles with the squad.

We assigned the navigator, the researcher, the communicator and the coordinator based on our strengths, and waited patiently for game night to arrive.

I turned up having just experienced an epic Risk defeat, so I grabbed an alcohol free beer and a generously sized bar of white chocolate ready to succeed in solving some puzzles. We were greeted by Cassandra, who gave us our mission: Inflitrate B.A.D Tower, crack the vault and recover the incriminating files of the corrupt C.E.O, J Bozo. Funny, the name sounds familiar.

Each of us received our own personal files to help us in our assignment and I’ll not lie, I had a little panic.

Thankfully I was also provided with clear instructions on how to navigate the files, so I ended up feeling like I was a genuine hacker which was exciting.

Agent Venture (a.k.a Cassandra) then took us on a nail biting journey through B.A.D HQ, where we had to blag our way into the building, disable alarms, navigate the floor plan and get to the safe undetected. Cassandra was absolutely brilliant at playing the huge range of characters we interacted with, and probably deserves an Oscar. Or at least a BAFTA.

My love for Hanjie puzzle books came in SO useful in this game, and I was able to quickly hack into doors and alarm systems to help us get into the office. Meanwhile, my team were all working together to keep Agent Venture safe and on the right track.

What’s brilliant about The Heist is that you have the power to choose how you play the game. There were a number of ways we could have entered the building for example, which means every team will have a different experience and you could even play again with different roles to discover a new story.

The narrative was full of twists and turns and we eventually found ourselves frantically battling to save Agent Venture. It really did feel like a race against time, and because no-one had all the information needed to solve a problem, we relied on good communication to share our knowledge and complete the game.

Agent Venture is a different experience to most online escape rooms. The puzzles were minimal, it was more about working together to figure out how to solve a specific predicament. It felt surprisingly realistic, and turns out it was the perfect game for team building while we’re all working from home!

We’re already eying up Mission Two: Cyborg Island, so I’m sure I’ll be back in no time hopefully having saved Agent Venture once more.

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