Questventure: Cocktails, Spies & Murder

A perfect game for solo escapers, alcohol not essential.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m always on the lookout for games I can play on my own. I enjoy solving puzzles in my down time and I can’t expect my friends to drop everything and escape a room whenever I feel like it…can I?

At £9.99 this was right within my budget for a solo game, so I settled down with some bar snacks and read my mission.

Agent Foxtrot has been found dead, and the Department of Secret Services believes that the person responsible is an undercover spy within their organisation. I have to find the culprit AND figure out the deadly concoction of cocktail ingredients the killer used before they strike again!

The interface Questventure have created to guide you through each puzzle is beautiful. The two separate missions are clearly labelled, and each icon opens up a pop up screen with clear puzzle and bright, realistic graphics. The cocktail menu looks like a genuine copy that I’d pick up in my sixth form days of downing those colourful shots Revolution. That’s a compliment, in case it’s not clear.

The puzzles are really good fun, and mostly take place in the interface itself apart from a quick trip to google if you need it. There are thirteen to solve and they all involve varying levels of difficulty, so it’s great if you have a mix of puzzling expertise on your team.

If you’re going solo and you’re thinking “Oh, I’d really miss the encouragement my teammates would provide” then stop your worrying right there.

With every step closer you get to solving the mystery, you get a humorous snippet of motivation. It’s a really nice touch and just solidifies the positive feedback this interface is receiving.

I got so carried away with enjoying the puzzles that I actually chose the wrong suspect as my murderer in the end! I’d feel terrible if I was sending an innocent person to jail but they kindly gave me another go. I pulled myself together and managed to solve it in around 40 minutes.

Cocktails, Spies & Murder is a brilliant game, and probably my top solo recommendation so far.

Published by Rebecca

Rebecca writes about Board Games and Escape Rooms covering Scotland

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