LockedInHome: Relive The Moments

A Harry Potter based game which would be better served as a full print at home experience

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I wanted to play a game which hadn’t had any reviews that I could see yet, so I opted for Relive the Moments as I was intrigued by the Harry Potter based storyline.

The game is based around a chatbot who just so happens to be Albus Dumbledore. I had a little giggle at the thought of the Hogwarts Headmaster texting his pals to solve some riddles then started the first task.

The use of the immersive video was a nice touch, despite me getting dizzy twirling around my room trying to catch the answers. From this point though, I got a bit lost.

An attempt to include an interactive arcade style game was difficult to navigate, when the puzzle itself was offered as a PDF document on the same page. I ended up looking up the solution which isn’t like my stubborn self, but I just couldn’t get my head around it.

I got stuck a few times, with one of the answers looking like I’d just smashed my hand across the keyboard rather than a word, but that’s down to my assumptions that every answer has to make sense. I’ve made a note to self to remember this for future games.

At one point I had so many tabs open and I’d lost the chatbot which meant I’d have to start again and type in all the answers. I was really frustrated but I ended up doing it because I didn’t want to give up, but I think my enjoyment levels had sunk and I was left just wanting to finish the game.

This is why I think Relive the Moments would be much better offered as solely print at home. The puzzles themselves are good and would actually benefit from people being able to scribble notes on them. I also imagine having Albus Dumbledore communicate via scroll would perhaps be more immersive than a chatbot.

Saying this, the PDFs are there when you purchase the game so you can print them, and I think I’d recommend doing this and then typing your answers to try and limit the amount of tabs you have open.

Harry Potter fans will certainly delight in getting their trivia tested, and there is a good mix of easy to very challenging puzzles. A tweak to the game design online to make it a smoother process would definitely increase my enjoyment overall, but it was a nice way to spend an evening reminiscing about queuing in Waterstones at midnight for the next book.

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